European Blended Learning and HDR Photography

HDRI - High Dynamic Range Images

HDR is a rather new technique in the digital photography. It is used also for films.
With a special multishot-technique it is nowadays possible to cover a big range of different contrasts in a photo.
In former times it was not possible to expose bright and dark parts of a photo in an optimal way. There was only one
exposure time for one photo. This technical lack was obvious, e.g. when you photographed out of a window. Usually the
window was too bright or the room inside was black. With HDR Photography you can make visible both parts of the photo

HDR-Photography can be learned from professionals and amateurs as well. Nowadays nearly all common digital cameras
can be used to make HDR Photography.

The potential of HDR Photography is huge. It can be used very efficiently in many different professional and academic fields
like documentation, replication, art and design, media, journalisms and so on.

During the Vir2Cope Project our team will work out a practical manual about HDR-Photography. At
the end of the project the HDR-Manual will be available as an E-Book as free download.